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I’ve had a blog for nearly ten years and, coincidentally, I was thinking about why I do this. I think I started out because it was trendy’ to have a blog at that time and I started out writing about things.

At some point (around May or June 2013) I tried to change my writing to be more personal, reflective and thoughtful. To some extent that has worked and there are some posts here of which I am very proud. These are generally those where I have reflected on matters that are important to me.

But why do I feel the need to publish this writing? Why do I not just write these in a diary or journal?

I think the answer is that writing to publish, and the idea of someone reading it, helps me to make it the best writing I can. I don’t actually know how many people read these little articles but you (whether you are real or not) are important to help me distill these thoughts down to their essence.

Posted on January 10, 2019   #Writing  

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