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Saint Steve


My name is Steve Hodgson and, although all my extended family is from Wigan in the north west of England, I was raised in Fife on the east coast of Scotland. I went to university in Dundee to study electronics, lived there for a number of years and moved to Edinburgh.

When I was a student I played a lot of Xevious in the student union and occasionally completed all 16 areas, looping back to Area 7’.

While I am an atheist, my brother is a Catholic priest.


Why is this site called Sulluzzu’ and what does it mean?

My wife is Maltese (and, yes, I do know how to make a Maltese cross) and sulluzzu’ is her favourite word. It means hiccups and that seems to fit with how regularly this site is updated.

The site is created using a site generator called Blot that creates a blog from files in a Dropbox folder. For me the advantages are my posts are written in plain text files that live on my PC and I control the source content.


I have been a keen photographer since I was a teenager and my first camera was a Russian-made Zenit E while my darkroom was a wardrobe in my parents’ bedroom. Since then there have been a lot of cameras through to my most recent, Fuji X-H1. I still most enjoy using film cameras due to the mindfulness that comes from the limited number of frames and the increased need to get the shot right.

I’ve been a member of the SMWS (Scotch Malt Whisky Society) for longer than I care to remember. I joined when my father and I read an article in the Sunday Times about this new club in Edinburgh dedicated to whisky from single casks and I still have a four-digit membership number. My favourite whisky is Springbank but I also recently invested in a cask of Ardnamurchan whisky that will be ready to drink in just ten years.

I particularly enjoy reading and recently try to maintain a list of all the books I’ve ever read.


Whenever I buy something even remotely expensive I get far too interested in the design of that thing. I doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a washing machine, a bicycle bell or a bag.

There are certain things that I particularly enjoy:

I have favourite fonts and will often spend far too much time — and money — choosing the right fonts for documents. This site uses a font called Averia Gruesa Libre the average of all the fonts on Dan Sayers computer.