June 16, 2009

The title of this was my five year old daughter’s reaction when I asked her to smell a candle I had just blown out. I thought it was such a wonderful phrase that it got me thinking about the ways kids are creative.

Young children have no fear of failure and I think it it makes them incredibly creative. You can ask a child to write you a book or build a time machine and they will have a go without hesitation. Ask me to do either of those and I will immediately think that I can’t do it — I’ve got too knowledgeable and less creative at some point and I realise that I’m going to fail before I even start things.

It would be great if our education system can keep them as creative as possible for as long as possible before narrowing down their view of the world. When I chose to work in engineering’ I had no idea how things would change since then. My five year old will maybe start work in 2025 for a career that might end in 2068; I wonder just how creative and flexible she will need to be to accommodate a world that will be so different from today.

I Am A Box


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