September 22, 2011

Happy Hacking

Over the years I have spent a small fortune on upgrading computer keyboards, probably because I started using computers in an age when the keys clicked or clacked. At that time personal computers were expensive and the peripherals hadn’t yet become commodity products.

Over the years I’ve moved from adding a Cherry keyboard to my first home PC through two iterations of Matias Tactile Pro and even the Apple Extended II that has almost mythical qualities.

My latest, a Happy Hacking Keyboard, is without doubt the best of the lot. It’s tiny and expensive but has a great positive typing action — tactile feedback, but very subtle. I suspect this is due to the Topre keys used, compared to the more usual Alps or Cherry mechanical keys used in high-end keyboards.

It’s not quite the perfect keyboard but my only real problem (more of a learning curve) is the lack of dedicated arrow keys. Other than that I love the small size and how it feels I could write on this for hours.

And best bonus feature of all? No CAPS LOCK KEY.


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