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This is a post that lists my current hi-fi setup.


Rega P5 with TT PSU. 15″ MacBook Pro (streaming source) via an Airport Express. Linn Genki CD player (rarely used these days). Linn Pekin tuner (never used these days).


Linn Kolektor preamplifier. The weakest thing about this component was always the phono stage but that was finally solved in 2018 (see below). Linn LK140 power amp. Moon 110LP v2 phono amplifier.


Shahinian Compass speakers are very quirky but kept the speaker cones well away from prying fingers when the girls were little!


Some sort of multicore Kimber cable.


Creek OBH21-SE. I have the original version rather than the Mk 2 model.

Grado SR325 headphones. Again, not the latest model but still have a lovely open sound.

Posted on January 18, 2019   #Music  

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