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I’ve now reached the point where I have 12 fountain pens in my regular rotation. Just a couple of years ago I had 4 or 5 pens and carried them every day. Now I choose three to carry, use them for about three days and then switch things around.

A ‘rotation’ of fountain pens

As a result it is now taking around two weeks to get through my pens. As a result I find myself ambivalent about my pen use — while I miss using some pens and inks as often as I used to, I am enjoying the greater variety.

I thought I would eventually find that some pens would become less favoured as I added more but this has not been the case. Although I have some favourites, each combination of pen and ink has its own appeal and I look forward to getting around to each one. However I suspect I have reached a point where it’s less likely that a new pen will appeal to me quite as easily.

Let’s see how that plan works out…

Pens Posted on May 30, 2016   #Pens  

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