May 29, 2010

Travels with my Kindle

I’ve been reading reviews of the Apple iPad with great interest and am always slightly envious of those people who have one. At the same time I really like the idea of a device that does one thing well.

Our recent holiday in Malta was the first time I’ve used my Amazon Kindle in the situation where I had always thought it would really shine. When I go on holiday I have always taken a big stack of books with me and during this last week away finished 4 books. I really enjoy reading book on the Kindle and of all the devices I’ve used to read e-book the e-ink screen feels most like a book.

To be able to head off on holiday carrying (currently) 29 books within something smaller than a paperback strikes me as nothing less than a marvel. To have a battery life in excess of 2 weeks, a screen that can be easily read under most lighting conditions and the ability to add more books without needing a computer also makes this hugely practical.

We are living in the future!


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