April 9, 2018

This year I have been looking again at how I use my Hobonichi planner. Each year since 2014 I’ve used the English language version of the planner for both home and work but generally. I find it works brilliantly for capturing work tasks but outside work I don’t carry it often enough to use it well.

At the start of the year I tried the big A5 version of the Japanese language planner, dedicated to work use and carried the smaller half-year A6 planner with me. This plan failed for two reasons:

  1. A5 is simply too big for the way I use the book at work. It sits immediately behind my keyboard so I can see it and quickly write in new tasks.
  2. The smaller Cousin’ books don’t show the days in English and I git confused.

So now I have new plan…

I am going to try to dedicate the classic English A6 planner to work use and carry the even smaller Weeks’ edition that has a week on a page rather than the page-per-day of the Techo. At the moment I’m feeling hopeful that the Weeks edition is just big enough to manage my home life and notes.


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