June 3, 2011

Stealth Mode Fountain Pen

I really enjoy my first Pilot capless retractable fountain pen, a Fermo with a twist action but I just fell in love with this matt black version of the push-button variant of the pen. As the photo above shows, it’s like the SR-71 Blackbird¹ of the Pilot range!

Apart from the nib itself there are none of the shiny surfaces that normally decorate an expensive pen. It all very matt, very discreet and surprisingly light. It will be interesting to see if the surface finish stands up to heavy use.

The quality of Pilot fountain pen nibs is superb for the price, just be aware that a fine fib is very fine (more like an extra fine on most pens). One great advantage of retractable nibs is you can easily replace the nib in the future if necessary. This means that when choosing inks it’s possible to use the sort of ink one would never use on an expensive pen with a fixed nib. [Noodler’s Eternal(http://noodlersink.com/), I’m looking at you!

In my experience Cult Pens is the best place for lovers of good pens and stationery. The service and after-sales support they provide is simply outstanding. It’s also worth checking out the range of pens available at the [Writing Desk(http://www.thewritingdesk.co.uk/index.html) too.

[1] In aircraft terms it’s definitely an SR-71 rather then a B-2. This pen is all about curves rather than angular surfaces.


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