November 1, 2011

Exeter Oct 2011

It’s not often that I have a chance to try a film that’s new to me but I recently bought some Kodak E100VS film - a film that Kodak claims provides vivid, saturated color, and outstanding sharpness”. E100VS was introduced in 1999 and is the member of the Ektachrome (colour transparency) family. When I’ve been after saturated colours in slide film I’ve generally used Fuji Velvia film but it’s not the most subtle film on the planet.

I never got a chance to use Kodachrome film with its famous saturated red hues. With E100VS I feel I can approach the results from that legendary film but with more conventional processing requirements.

The picture above was taken in our friends’ orchard, was processed by A&M Imaging and has not been adjusted from their original scan of the 35mm film. I’m really pleased with the results and this is going to be my new favourite film for shooting in colour.


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