April 28, 2009

Having seen some photographs of Little Sparta recently I am quite keen to visit there over the course of the summer. It looks as though the gardens have some wonderful sculptures set within a lovely garden: a very inspiring place with words and poems hidden under trees, in ponds, on boats, stone walls, beehives, etc.

As a keen photographer I was interested in whether I could take photographs but noticed that permission is required, so contacted them to enquire about this. While it is possible to take pictures, there are some quite steep restrictions on ANY (not my emphasis) form of publication, including sites such as Flickr. Each photographed to be published’ must first be submitted for approval and then a fee of £40 — £200 paid for each individual photograph.

Looking at what’s currently available on Flickr I suspect these restrictions may not be followed too often.

I could understand restrictions on commercial use of images and obviously Little Sparta is a private organisation and free to set their own rules. It feels to me as though they aren’t striking quite the right balance between their goal of opening up these wonderful gardens to visitors and the control and financial benefit of commercial photography.


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