August 25, 2015

After reading some very positive reviews, and sending them some enquiries (that were never answered), I decided to order a new coffee grinder from Made By Knock, a small company based nearby in Edinburgh as they had some stock available. That same day I also ordered some small items of stationery from Australia.

Can you guess whether the item coming all the way around the world has arrived or perhaps the one travelling less than four miles?

Can you guess which company responded to my email queries about the status of the order and which ignored me?

That’s right, the order from Edinburgh has not arrived while the order from Australia arrived safely and they even apologised for the slight delay in shipping!

I like to be in a position where I can judge my satisfaction with a purchase against two criteria: the quality of the product and the customer service (speedy delivery and support). When it comes to this coffee grinder, I’m currently in no position to assess the first and have no confidence when I shall. I regard their lack of response to customer queries as being a disappointing failure in a business and one that has left me extremely dissatisfied with this company. This is especially disappointing as I like to support local suppliers whenever possible.

Apparently I am not alone!

Whenever I set out to write a blog post I always ask myself, what’s the message here?’ In this case there isn’t one; I simply post it in the hope that it will feature in someone’s search results when they search for the company Made By Knock.


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