September 8, 2012

It’s taken a while to work through all my old tumblr posts but finally battered them all into shape. I took the opportunity to rationalise the location of some of my images which were scattered across a number of hosting sites over the years. Typically they’re now split between Flickr (for events in the analogue world) and Skitch (for screenshots and similar events from the digital world). I’ve also used this transfer as an opportunity to remaster’ the tumblr blog. Obvious minor errors were fixed and photos were improved.

What I didn’t do was rewrite posts were things had changed since they were first written. Some of my thoughts about music, software and books have changed since they were first written but those earlier versions stay with us.

What I am particularly looking forward to hear is just how much easier it will be to creat blog entries. The markdown files are readable in their own right - which was not the case with the files backed-up from tumblr. The fact that they are located in my Dropbox means they are easily accessible on the move. At the end of the day it’s possible that may go belly-up but I’ll still have a nice clean set of plan text files that can me moved elsewhere.


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