July 17, 2010

I recently posted on Twitter that I had shot the same photograph using three different cameras and was surprised at how well my iPhone performed. I should say at the outset I’ve never been a great fan of the iPhone camera but I think in the right conditions it can produce some very pleasing photographs. With this particular combination of subject and lighting I think it’s remarkable how well the iPhone has done.

The three photos that follow were processed using Aperture software with only minimal updates to each photo - basic level settings and some brightening of the shadows. The first photograph was shot handheld using an old Leica M6 film camera using Fuji ISO 50 slide film scanned with a Nikon Coolscan IV ED. This is still my favourite camera despite the time needed to process films.

Holy Island

The second photo was taken with a Canon EOD40D fitted with a 50mm f1.4 lens and mounted on a tripod.

Holy Island

The final photo was taken with an iPhone 3GS using the built in camera application.

Holy Island


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