April 30, 2012


I love Microsoft’s Wizards’, I really do! They seemed designed to break every single task they carry out into the most frustrating experience possible. Take this example (from Windows XP) designed to copy files from a camera…

I can either follow the Wizard or can take the option for advanced’ users. I don’t like the sound of that — it must be tricky!

What are the differences?


  1. Click Next
  2. Select/deselect required pictures
  3. Click Next
  4. Give the group of pictures a name
  5. Select a destination folder
  6. Click Next
  7. Select what you want to do with the pictures. I don’t want to publish them or print them so I…
  8. Click next
  9. Read the summary of what the wizard has done
  10. Click Finish

Advanced Users

  1. Click the advanced users link
  2. Open the destination folder
  3. Drag the files from one window to the other

Admittedly this omits the steps to open the destination folder. This is something that will be familiar to any Windows user, so a fair omission. I think every time I’ve been offered a Windows wizard, there is a better, simpler, way to carry out the task that’s been covered.


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