May 27, 2019

After changing how I use my paper planners last year, I’ve really struggled to find a good one for home’ use and I’ve tried a lot…

Smythson Panama - Beautiful (but expensive) and the paper is amazingly fountain pen friendly but it’s simply too small.

Leuchtturm 1917 - The A6 version I bought is just too small and the day slots are cramped for busier days.

Hobonichi Weeks - Again, day slots are too small for busier days.

Soumkine (my phone corrects this to so unkind”) Agenda - Overly proscriptive layout — more of an agenda’ than a planner’.

Kokuyo Jibun Techo- Too cluttered and garish and has too many sections.

I finally bought a wonderful Mark + Fold diary and it works in just the way I want for a number of reasons.

  1. A very simple design. There’s only one section in this book — no yearly planners, national holidays or guides to brewing green tea! That section shows a week across two pages with no predetermined time slot and white space for undated to-dos’.
  2. That layout really suits the way I think of the day. Running vertically, each day is divided as follows:
    • starts with important anniversaries and events
    • then three sections for appointments divided (I imagine) into morning, afternoon and evening
    • finally a clear section I use for tasks assigned to that day.
  3. Good quality paper that’s fountain pen friendly.
  4. Local materials and suppliers. This is somewhat ironic given how many other planners have been scrapped to reach this point.
  5. Although A5 is relatively large, this is quite a thin planner, so easy to carry.

The ultimate test will be if this planner stands the time through to the end of the year and gets reordered for 2020.


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