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There’s this whole online community dedicated to EDC (Every Day Carry). They review and discuss pocket knives, tools, flashlights, wallets, bags and a whole host of other things. There are even sites and forums where one can see EDC collections laid out beautifully for photographs.

Now I am as guilty of this as the next man. And they are men. I do have a sneaking suspicion that wrapping it all up in a philosophy is just to feel more comfortable about turning into our dads, walking around with pockets full of crap.

Today when I was thinking about my most important EDC I decided it was this item.


Its a small gold band that has no purpose or utility. It sits on a finger of my left hand and it’s just a symbol.

My second most important EDC item is a tool. I don’t always carry the same one and they don’t last long―a few days or weeks at most.

It’s a book.

Posted on October 13, 2017   #Personal  

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