January 23, 2010

There’s something just plain wrong about an iPhone application (especially one that costs money) that can’t do anything unless there is another app on the iPhone.

I bought the iScotland application for the iPhone because it provided information on nearby places of interest and had a pretty favourable set of reviews. I missed the statement way down in the description that Nearby places, and their descriptions, are displayed in Google Earth.”

What this actually means is that unless you have Google Earth available you can do nothing with this application. All you get are the two screens below.


If you decide that it’s worth installing Google Earth, you’ve also got to live with the risk that your application might stop working correctly, not because of anything wrong with it< but with how Google decide to change their application. Other applications seem to be able to build in map capabilities without resorting to using another application.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh here but this just feels incomplete or half-finished.


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