September 16, 2013

It’s a local holiday in Edinburgh today and I have the day off work as my kids don’t have school. My unusually long, slow, leisurely breakfast followed by a slow, careful, shave with my open razor got me thinking abut the rituals associated with waiting and anticipation.

This morning I had the rare opportunity to hand-grind some coffee beans then sit down to a leisurely breakfast of yogurt, pancakes, orange juice and freshly-brewed coffee. To put things into context, I’m usually doing some of these things while rushing around making lunches and remembering stuff to be taken to school. After breakfast I shaved-off a week’s beard growth, enjoying having lots of hot water, good light and the time available to shave with a Feather straight razor that fuses Samurai and Klingon sword-making traditions.

By the time breakfast was prepared I was ready for it. The sense of anticipation added to my enjoyment of the meal. I knew the conditions were all there for a good shave today and I anticipated just how fantastic it was going to feel to remove a week’s growth of itchy beard.

We’re often caught up in a constant round of work, meetings, clubs, homework (for the grown-ups too!) and chores. There is rarely time to make a good coffee, sit down with a book or help the kids with their homework as well as we would wish. It’s great to have a holiday and the chance to do these things easily. The bigger challenge is to do this more often. Find the time to anticipate something, do it well and then savour the results.


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