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Now That the Holidays Are Gone
Photo by Thomas Hawk

We’re now familiar with the idea of photos geotagged’ with a location. It just occurred to me that some music, for me, is now mentally geotagged - associated forever with a specific place.

For the last for years or so after each summer holiday I’ve made a short holiday movie in iMovie set to backing music to share with friends and family. Now whenever I listen to those pieces of music I get the added pleasure of remembering family holidays. It’s like Desert Island Discs.

Which music and places are connected?

Causeway House

What a Beautiful Day - Levellers

This is Northumberland. It’s a slightly odd song, on casual listening it’s a great choice for a holiday movie soundtrack. Go a little deeper though and it’s a song that’s all about revolution.

Chapel Cottage

It’s In Your Heart - Edwyn Collins

This will always remind me of staying at Chapel Cottage in North Cornwall in 2009.

For Us All - Levellers

A slightly different set of memories from North Cornwall.

Culloden Tower

Mother (Afro Celt Sound System) & These Winds (Tunng)

An over-indulgent prog rock’ video that needed two whole tracks as a soundtrack. The african-sounding Mother’ will always be associated with Culloden Tower Yorkshire while the Tunng track will aways remind me of a lovely week on Holy Island.

Sunflowers at La Cerqua

Hey Man (Now You’re Really Living) - Eels

Ten glorious, and very hot days, in Umbria. They year of the insect bites and the resulting elephant man like swollen head!

Good times…

Posted on July 24, 2011   #Music  

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