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Birthday Card Face

Our oldest daughter turns 10 today and I think the best present she received is a poem written by our dear friend Maggie, who clearly knows her well!

Hooray Hooray
Eleanor is 10 today
And I would just like to say,
As into double figures she makes her way
That this is a very special day

10 years ago I went to see
A baby cute as cute could be
In Simpson’s by the Infirmary
Steve and Maria were filled with glee
Though sleep would soon be found to flee
Unless she was dandled on a knee

Eleanor she grew and grew
She read and wrote and learned things too
And now is ready for food that’s new
Food that used to gar her grue”

Another year looms up ahead
With things to try and more to read
Towards teenage years her life does lead
But not, I hope, with too much speed
Posted on November 29, 2011   #Family  

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