August 29, 2023

I recently had a moment of clarity that when it comes to browser bookmarks I’m still trying to party like it’s 1999.

What I mean is that when the web was young and search engines were basic we needed to save our favourite sites to allow us to get back to them easily. I would still argue that’s a useful facility to have on a corporate work network, to quickly access the dusty corners and tools that our employees need us to use. But for home users what has changed?

What I used to do

I used to keep my bookmarks religiously synchronised between my primary browser, the Pinboard bookmarking service and any other browsers I used at the time. To do this I use an Application called BookMacster — a quirky little program that’s not the easiest to use but has never let me down.

But I never really used these bookmarks!

What I do now

I feel a little like I’ve thrown away that floppy disk I was hanging-on to for too long and never using. And the Pinboard articles? I was surprised by just how interesting many of them are… I should read them more often!

  1. Pinboard apps for iOS used to be a rich playground but now most of them seem to be stagnating. Pinstachio seems to be updated regularly.↩︎


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