April 26, 2019

Some years ago my wife and I were invited to join a book group. My wife had been running one of these for years but this was an invitation to a group made up of couples¹ and that meant I was more reluctantly enticed to take part.

I was uncomfortable because, although I’m a voracious reader, I was not sure I would have much to say about books I had read. I felt perhaps that books groups were somewhat pretentious affairs and a bit middle class. Well, I was very wrong.

For the most part I have enjoyed being presented with books that I would never have read under normal circumstances and I have learned to read books more attentively. But most of all I really enjoy evenings spent talking with people who care for reading and books as much as I do.

If you are a reader ever get the chance to join (or start) a book group just give it a try.

[1] I’m very conscious that there’s something a little suspicious sounding about couples book group’. There are no car keys thrown into bowls!


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