December 21, 2011

This year I’ve discovered (or been recommended) some really great stuff. Here’s a summary of some of my favourites.

Happy Hacking Keyboard

I used to use a Happy Hacking Lite keyboard but it fell out of favour for a while. This year I replaced my keyboard with a [Happy Hacking Pro keyboard({filename}/ and instantly fell in love with it. It’s the perfect small size, has impeccable feedback and no CAPS LOCK key. So much of a joy to use that I actively resist unplugging my MacBook now.

eropress coffee maker

The Aeropress is an instant design classic in my eyes. A really simple and elegant solution to the problem of how to make a single cup of coffee. I use it every single day and enjoy it more than ever.

The WP-34S

I was really impressed that a group of enthusiasts can create a new scientific calculator using open source firmware.

<### B&W P5 Headphones

Unfortunately very expensive, the P5 headphones have a glorious sound and are very comfortable. They also come with a trial subscription to the Society of Sound which is a marvellous curated’ (I hate that word) subscription music site.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

This book tells the parallel stories of the cancer cells taken from Henrietta Lacks and the science that developed from them, plus the story of Henrietta’s family from that point on.


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